ELI & BLWorks, working together since 2008...

2008 - Creation of ELI website and tailor-made development of ELI STAFFROOM, a platform exclusively used by Teachers and dedicated to the exchange of teaching and academic materials.    2009 - Integration of a forum and a private instant messaging system to the Staffroom, development of a REPORT platform for Teachers to be able to fill out Students reports online and print them out in pdf.    2010 - Launch of ELI+ONLINE, a complex and fully dynamic platform especially developed for the thousands of ELI Students so they can practice English online, each one in their own personalised level.    2019 - Launch of MyELI, platform especially designed for parents and tutors, on which they can renew enrolment and pay online, amongst other things.     2010 till now - Programming and development of the Full Intranet System centralising data across all ELI Centres (see below for more details).

Their experience with BLWorks...

BLWorks has provided exceptional solutions to our company, ELI. They developed our internal and external customer management platform from the beginning, and it is a major undertaking. It covers all aspects of our relation and communication with our students, our clients, our staff and our teachers.
The platform is 100% reliable and robust. Internet security being their absolute priority, they've helped us avoid problems in this area. Their capacity has been exceptional, and recently they enabled us to take our classes online, with our own platform and servers, all in record time, with impeccable and instant response to any issues or problems. For anyone looking for absolutely top level solutions, for whom everything is possible, they should have no doubt in choosing this exceptional company.

Richard Johnson, Founder and Director of ELI

A few examples of our work...

  • European project - TransDMA

  • Un pas vers...

  • Southern Walking

  • Granja Escuela Cuna

  • Grupo Fuser

  • ELI+Online

  • Iberyco

  • ELI Intranet

  • MH Abogados

  • Savourer Séville

  • Mocoart Scotland

  • Cercle Eiffel

    • Full operational Management – The example of ELI

      Worth noting: We started this project with a full analysis of the old ACCESS database that illustrated the first 20 years of ELI’s activity. We then successfully exported 100% of the old data from ACCESS into the new MySQL database and Intranet system.

      • Specific access permissions (Secretaries, Accounts, Teachers, Directors, parents)
      • Centres day-to-day running operations, Students and classes, Teachers and Directors
      • Online reports and evaluations, exports in pdf
      • Payment login, sales receipt print
      • Accounting, cash reconciliation, invoices, data extractions of many kinds
      • Human Resources management
      • Online English level test module
      • Full online English activities platform: Thousands of Students log in to access their private activity calendar and find specifically designed English activities adapted to their own level, a new activity is automatically released every week, Students' results and participation rates are automatically picked up and displayed on their reports
      • Platform dedicated to parents and tutors with online enrolment renewal and payment
      • API configuration for email marketing campaigns
      • Full statistics section, real time data, cross centres comparative charts
      • Virtual classes and private servers setup, fully linked to the Intranet system
      • Full daily data backup


    • Tailor-made modules integrated to your website

      Amongst the many tailor-made modules we've come to develop, those of TESOL SPAIN (Charity based in Seville) and TESOL FRANCE (based in Paris) are good examples. These modules allow visitors to register online as individual or institutional Members and/or for the anual Convention that both Charities organise every year. Registrations are completely automated and can be paid online.

      On the administrators' side, they have access to full listings of registered Members and Convention attendees, as well as configuration and edition options. Anytime they need to, admins can also download real time automatically generated Excel and pdf files:

      • Download an invoice or a bunch of invoices over a period of time,
      • Download the Excel list of all Convention attendees,
      • Download all nametags to distribute on Convention Day,
      • Download automated certificates of attendance for participants who specifically requested it during the registration process, etc.